Jennie would like to express a sincere thank you to all of her sponsors for their support. We invite you to click on the below logos to learn more about the products and brands that have helped Brannigan Eventing become what it is today.



Arenus offers a variety of products that Jennie relies on daily to keep her horses healthy, sound and nutritionally able to perform at their best. Arenus accomplishes their mission to “deliver scientifically-sound health and nutrition products for companion animals, in order to achieve optimal health, performance, and longevity, so you can enjoy many happy years working, playing and competing together.” Jennie proudly recommends all of the Arenus products to keep horses at the top of their game.

Arias Whips

Arias logo_large-no typeBArias Whips creates beautiful custom whips with many different customization options, including colors, length, grips, whip tips, and handle customization. Jennie loves the unparalleled quality of these custom whips.


Bucas prides itself on “creating a collection of technical horse rugs and blankets to ensure that your horse is suitably dressed no matter what the weather or occasion throws at you!” Bucas blankets have proven to do just this for Jennie’s horses keeping them happy all year round. Bucas features “intelligent” horse blankets in a variety of styles and options assuring you will find exactly what you are looking for. These blankets hold up and last better than any other brand Jennie has tried on the market.

Charles Owen

When it comes to safety, Jennie trusts Charles Owen to provide the very best in a helmet! Not only does Charles Owen offer state of the art headgear, but their designs are both fashionable and comfortable, assuring you look and feel your best while riding. The C.O Triple standard helmets are viewed by many, including Jennie as the “Gold Standard” in the industry.


C4 Belts


C4′s mission is to promote Individuality through quality fashion accessories that gives back. C4 stands for Choose your Color, Choose your Cause. It is C4′s goal to provide a unique shopping experience to individual thinkers who will leave looking cool on the outside, AND feeling good on the inside.



Saddle comfort and fit for horse and rider are of utmost importance which is why Jennie puts her trust in Devoucoux. These saddles help her horses perform their very best and are viewed as a luxury brand you can trust amongst those in the equestrian industry.

Estrella Equine Hospital

We all know that the sport of Eventing comes with unfortunate injuries from time to time. Estrella Equine Hospital has supported Jennie since the beginning and she views the opinions of  Dr. Bogenrief and his staff as the best in the industry. Estrella Equine Hospital offers, the finest medical services available anywhere. Their clients range from horse enthusiasts to commercial operations and include horses used for racing, performance, breeding, show and pleasure.


Equilite provides liniments and products designed to help horses feel their best after competition and on a daily basis. Jennie swears by these products and especially likes knowing they are always safe, effective and legal to use. Equilite accomplishes their goal to  “provide you, the horse owner, with herbal blend brands that work in harmony with your animals without sacrificing the health and wellbeing of our environment.” If you have not already tried these products, Brannigan Eventing highly suggests you give them a try.

Frilly Fillies

Frilly Fillies Bonnets are handmade in the U.S.A. for Jennie’s horses. These luxurious and durable bonnets are made of specialty yarn in a variety of vibrant and stylish colors and designs. Each bonnet is custom designed for Jennie and made to order, creating a look that will ensure that her horse’s catch the judge’s eye and are the envy of the barn.

Kingsland Equestrian Apparel

With the help of Kingsland Equestrian Apparel, Jennie looks her best without having to sacrifice durability and comfort.  Kingsland has quickly become one of the leading players in the equestrian clothing market with products that combine the highest quality and functionality together with their unique style and ‘know-how’. Kingsland guarantees a product that is stylish, and that will perform day after day so you can focus your attention on riding.

Myler Bits

Myler Bits are “designed with the Equine in mind,” and are custom made to suit the needs of all the horses in your barn. As riders we know that no two horses are exactly alike, and that having  bits to suit their varying needs is a top priority. Myler Bits offer a collection of quality bits Jennie can be confident using.


Nunn Finer

Nunn Finer is a brand that understands the needs of riders and works to continuously develop innovative products as an industry leader. In their own words, Nunn Finer is your “wholesale home for top quality english riding supplies.” Nunn Finer began in 1993 making racing equipment for the American thoroughbred racing industry. Before long, the quality of their products was being recognized in other equine disciplines as well. It was then that John Nunn, President of Nunn Finer, began focusing his efforts outside the racing industry, eventually capturing the attention of the Eventing, Dressage, and Foxhunting communities. Show Jumpers have also found Nunn Finer products to be a mainstay in what they do.


Nutrena_LogoJennie is very exited to announce her partnership with Nutrena. Nutrena feed has been developing the latest innovations in the care and feeding of horses for many years. They focus on providing precisely balanced, consistent nutrients in every bag to bring out the best in your horse, at any age or activity level. Their staff includes more than 90 Ph.D.-level scientists who perform research in two innovation centers and 16 application centers to ensure that your equine partner receives unparalleled nutrition.

Point Two

We all know that falling off happens in our sport, but now thanks to the development of the Point Two Air Jacket, Jennie feels safe each and every time she leaves the start box. Thanks to point two technology, an air bag instantly deploys around your body, protecting you should you have an unfortunate dismount. With the new development of a variety of colors and different style options, there is no reason why every rider should not be wearing a Point Two.

Professional Riders Organization

The Professional Riders Organization is a tax exempt membership organization. Their Mission is to provide a sustainable professional support system for riders of all levels, grooms, owners and event organizers through leadership education and mentorship to advance the sport of eventing.

Saddle Network

Saddle Network combines the very latest in technology with the power of social networking to assist the close knit equestrian community in preventing saddle theft – before it happens! Jennie knows that theft can happen to anyone, and appreciates Saddle Network’s visible tagging system that aims to change the old, reactive way that people respond to theft. By reading the QR code on the saddle tag, anyone with a smartphone of Internet connection can view a saddle’s status information and history. You might be able to go bareback in a puissance, but you’re going to need your saddle out on cross country! Saddle Network keeps saddles registered and safe.

Sergio Grasso

Sergio Grasso, “wished to combine the great tradition of top-quality Italian footwear with a product that would not only represent the cream of aesthetic achievement but would also require a certain technical quality, such as the riding boot”. When it comes to riding boots, Jennie looks for quality, comfort, and style. She knew Sergio Grasso boots were the best out there, and they have proven to help her ride and look her best!


SmartPakThanks to SmartPak, Jennie is able to travel comfortably knowing that her horses supplements are packed properly and nothing is forgotten. The SmartPak system has been embraced by riders from all disciplines and all levels and helps every horse get the perfect combination of supplements. In addition to the SmartPak supplement system, they offer a broad line of horse health, show apparel, tack, dog supplies, and equine and canine pharmacy items.


By feeding Succeed digestive supplement for horses once a day, every day, you have a daily nutrient program to “condition” the inside of the horse to get better results on the outside. Succeed gets to the root causes. It’s a natural system of key nutrients that can help maintain a healthy digestive balance in the face of challenges modern horses face every day. The nutrients in the Succeed patented formula should be a part of the horse’s natural diet, or are naturally synthesized by the body. But these nutrients are often in short supply for the modern performance horse, where the rigors of training and lifestyle, and energy requirements, are all the greater. Jennie has seen dramatic results for the better since switching her horses to Succeed and speaks highly of the benefits of this digestive supplement.


Jennie depends on Toklat to offer proven products accessible in one place. In their own words: “Toklat consults with leading horse experts and product designers whose expertise goes into the products that we make. Many products have been tested and endorsed by top horsemen and women in both the English and Western communities. On staff, we have a number of talented individuals who are not only experts in their respective equine disciplines, but also have a passion for everything horse-related. Before a product hits the store, it has been tried and tested to ensure that it performs to the rigorous Toklat standard and provides you with the quality you deserve, time after time.”


Veredus offers the very best in boots for horses and riders. Jennie trusts these boots to help her rider her very best while protecting her horses legs. In the words of Veredus about their products: “Our aim is to offer a product that meets the ever-greater need of competition horses, to safeguard and respect the equestrian tradition.We have placed every latest technological resource and most innovatory raw material at the service of our horse friends, to help them achieve ever-higher goals and better performances. Care and attention to detail are essential elements in VEREDUS HIGH TECH line products. In a word: much passion has gone into our work.

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