Without owners who are passionate about the sport of Three-Day Eventing, Jennie would not have been able to build the business she has today. Her talented string of horses are a direct result of the generous individuals who support her as owners. Jennie would like to sincerely thank them for all they do for both her and the sport she loves.

Beth Battel

photo-45“Jennie first came to my attention through a mutual friend, Jean Marie Evringham, as someone who might do well with a small, hot mare I had bred. She did a fabulous job with the mare, being both patient and effective. Then I took her a talented but quirky young gelding, Ditto and another recalcitrant young gelding. By then, she had proven to me that she had the feel, guts, patience, and ability to handle and bring along a huge range of young horses. Being a horse breeder, to find a rider/trainer who has all that, coupled with a wonderful sensitivity to an individual horse’s needs, able to produce results while keeping the horse sound and happy, was heaven! She continues to bring my young horses up from very green, to confident, capable, established performers. What could be better than that?”

 Candace Kircher

JBpic“I met Jennie in 2008 when we were both working at Phillip’s. I admire her talent so incredibly much…she just has this undeniable natural gift for getting the best out of a horse. I would not have thought of having anyone else ride my young horse Liam while my husband and I were expecting our first baby. Even though Jennie is certainly a rock star of a rider, first and foremost Jennie has become one of my best friends over the years. She’s a wonderful rider and an amazing friend and I look forward to seeing great things from her and Liam while I am out of the saddle!”

Cory Walker

Cory Walkey ran Mill Creek Equestrian Center in Topanga, California, and have known each other since Jennie’s working student days in California. Jennie was thrilled when Cory asked her to ride and sell her own Aspire R who had previously competed through the three star level. Cory has now joined the Stella Artois Syndicate and we are thrilled to have her on the team!

Dr. Bogenrief

” I have know Jennie since her days in California and have been a sponsor since that time. Jennie is a talented and passionate horsewoman who does her best with all her horses. She keeps me informed about a horse’s progress during training, and recommends a competition schedule for an entire season that is well planned in advance. Jennie encourages owners to participate in their horse’s campaign and asks for input frequently. I receive updates and photos on a regular basis when I am unable to see my horse. Having spent decades with trainers from a number of disciplines, I can tell you that Jennie does an exemplary job and tries her very best with each horse she trains and rides. I would recommend Jennie to anyone considering owning a three day event horse.”

Erin Hurley

“I love having Jennie ride our OTTBs for South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue and Adoption. Jennie brings out the very best on the flat and instills such confidence in the jumping phases. I wouldn’t want anyone else riding and showcasing these horses for us. I feel very fortunate to have such a talented rider and look forward to great things from the horse she is curently riding and those to come in the future!”

Patricia Brannigan

“I am not really an owner but more so just a mother trying to do anything I can to help. Jennie’s other owners are angels in my eyes, helping Jennie’s dreams come true. Since her first lesson at age nine with Jane Mcgirk, I believe Jennie has had a natural gift for riding. How do you put into words being lucky enough to have a hard working, driven young woman as your daughter? It is nearly impossible. I am now more popularly known as just Jennie’s mom, no first name needed, in the equestrian world and happy to have that title. Jennie has overcome hard times with determination and a smile on her face, and I could not be more proud to have the honor of being a supporter of Jennie and most of all being her mom.”

Nina & Tim Gardner

“We believe that Jennie Brannigan is one of the most talented and promising Event riders today: she has all of the qualities and talent to be a world-class competitor. She has been an outstanding trainer and competition partner for Tim and me. My goal in Eventing has always been the support of talent, both riders and horses. Jennie’s patient development of our animals has been rewarding, and it has been a pleasure to participate in her successes. We hope for great things from her with our horses in the future.” Nina Gardner

To learn more about becoming an owner please visit experienceeventing.com and contact Jennie for current opportunities.